Ribbon Bollywood Movie Review

Ribbon Bollywood Movie Review

Star Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas,Kiara Majithia

Director: Rakhee Sandilya

Ribbon Trailer:

Ribbon releases on 03rd November, 2017.

Ribbon Movie Review: Star Performance

Kalki Koechlin plays her role with utmost honesty. She slays and lays few of the scenes. But again, an actor’s performance is always affected by script. Both Kalki and Sumeet’s performances flows away in the stagnant water.

Sumeet Vyas also delivers a wonderful performance but he also becomes a victim to the slothful script. He excels in few scenes roaring out to every casting director out there sending a message of how good talent he is. Special mention, Kiara Majithia – little girl playing the role of Sumeet and Kalki spreads her cuteness in the second half.

Ribbon Movie Review: Direction, Music

This is Rakhee Sandilya’s debut movie as a director but unfortunately she has done pretty average job. She tries to mashup a lot of things in one story but ends up acing only one. If only she could’ve focused more on what she’s serving in the first half rather than keeping the main product under wraps until it was too late.

There are just two songs in the film, both of them fails to hype up the already dragged pace. Background score is almost close to nil which at times makes you feel like you’re watching a video shot on your phone camera. A big disappointment regarding background score.

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